T-Stains is a Nottingham based t-shirt brand as heard on the BBC radio Nottingham. Our first line of clothing features Nottingham’s historic landmarks such as the Robin Hood statue, the Nottingham Castle and the Nottingham Council House all integrated with my unique character designs as seen in the Nottingham post. T-Stains is stocked in the Nottingham Tourism Centre and has been sold to many people visiting Nottingham all around the world. This clothing brand has brought a fresh, new look to Nottz and will continue to for years to come. 

Nottingham is at the heart of our tees. Not only do we represent that in our clothes but T-Stains also sponsors some of Nottingham best, up and coming tallent from professional MMA fighters to musicians. T-S likes to keep it local but will one day expand to other cities. Wherever this brand goes, it will keep representing, just like all of you representing us back. 

T-Stains, stay representing. 

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